Master in the Art of image manipulation.

Professional retouching artist for 20+ years

I have 20+ years as a professional retoucher and artist for professional wedding & portrait photographers.

I take on all projects including portrait, commercial, real estate, industrial, etc.
If you have an image that needs a little, or a lot of help…send it to me and I’ll see what I can do.

I’m also available to Professional Photographers
that are in need of a reliable and consistent retoucher.
I’m flexible and will tailor my retouching to each photographers needs.

Current  & Past Clients


Rob’s ProfileHeadshot photography has become an unexpected passion that he didn’t realize could be so rewarding and creative!  Rob Sandberg is a professional headshot photographer in Southern California. He’s best known for the genuine expressions he captures for his corporate, actor, and other professional headshots.  He will take you from the typical anxiety of taking your photo, to realizing you just took the best headshot or portrait of your life.  He prides himself on creating an environment that quickly puts his clients at ease and having a great time before they realize it’s even happening!Serving Redlands, Riverside, Palm Springs and all surrounding areas.

PROFESSIONAL fine art portraiture in Houston Texas
Alexander approaches his photography with such creative energy, intensity and enthusiasm, he immediately puts you at ease and relaxes those fears.  Whether he’s capturing the wonderment of your child, the strength of your business profile portrait or the loving interaction of your family, the breathtaking results touch your heart and soul.
Alexander’s candid, creative portrait style has been commissioned by eight (8) U.S. Presidents, World Leaders, ‘Fortune 500’ CEOs and many Texas families at their home or on their ranches. Alexander and his professional team will create beautiful, inspiring memories for all of your photographic needs, including your family, children, or pets.  “Business profile” headshots, nationwide corporate and political events and company group shots are a specialty at Alexander’s Fine Portrait Design.  We also have digital specialists available to enhance every whimsical and imaginative requests. 
PROFESSIONAL portraiture in denver colorado since 1968

Quite literally…
Jim Carlson has seen life through the lens of his camera. Although both traditionally schooled in England and degreed in elementary education, his passion has always been photography. He photographed his first wedding in 1968, and soon the number grew to 140 per year.

Today, more then three decades later, amidst a myriad of awards for photographic excellence, Jim’s studio displays thousands of diverse images that will forever live on. As with an exquisite work of art, Jim has learned to capture the perfect moment in time, passionately and professionally.

“No one photographs poorly.
My goal is to make every client as attractive as they should be without looking artificial.
People look their best when they look and feel natural.”
-Jim Carlson

Retouching Pricelist

Preschool Retouch$2.23n/an/a
Standard Retouch$5.93$10.87$16.00
Senior Retouch$9.88n/an/a
Fashion Model Retouch$14.82n/an/a
Glamour Retouch$9.88$12.82$16.80
Soften Double Chin$11.86$14.82$18.77
Tone Down Facial Shine$7.90$10.87$14.82
Tone Down Red Face$7.90$10.87$14.82
Reduce Double Chin (Per Person)$19.76n/an/a
Sharpen Eyes & Facial Features$22.24n/an/a
Remove Glass Glare$7.90$10.87$14.82
Remove Glass Refraction$7.90$10.87$14.82
Simple Eye Enhancement$9.88$12.84$16.80
Add or Remove Catchlight$7.90$10.87$14.82
Complex Eye Enhancement$25.69$38.53$51.38
Swap Eyes/Open Eyes (per head)$19.76n/an/a
Balance Eyes (per head)$22.24n/an/a
Whiten Teeth$7.60$10.45$14.25
Remove Braces$14.25$17.10$19.95
Remove Braces & Reconstruct Teeth$24.70n/an/a
Add Teeth (up to 2)$7.60n/an/a
Add Teeth$25.65n/an/a
Blend Shoulder Tan Lines (Per Person)$7.90
Swap Head (Per Head)$25.69
Soften Clothing Wrinkles – Shirt/Bust Line$19.76
Soften Clothing Wrinkles – Shirt/Bust Line$25.69
Soften Clothing Wrinkles – Pants/Skirt$19.76
Slimming – Hips$19.76
Slimming – Arms$11.86
Even Skin Tones$22.24
Remove Clothing Wrinkles$28.08
Add/Remove a Person or Object$26.68
Blend Skin Tones$22.24
Soft Focus$7.90
Sharpen Filter$4.94
Remove Camera Dirt$3.95
Simple Custom Burning$4.95
Simple Custom Dodging$4.95
Extend Foreground or Background with detail$31.20
New Background$31.20
Tone Down Hot Spots (1-4 spots)$7.90
Tone Down Hot Spots (5+ spots)$15.81
Remove Small Objects$7.90
Blend Horizon Line$19.76
Repair Damage$41.60
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