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I’d love to hear from you if you’re ready to get started or just contemplating starting your next project.
Fill out my form below so I get a feel for what your basic needs are…after that we will schedule a 30 minute consult to get the ball rolling.

what to expect


First, we will schedule 30 minute phone consultation to go over your project so I have a general overview of what your wants and needs are.



I’ll prepare a proposal with our goals, deliverables, cost, deposit required to begin and rough timeline for you to go over and approve.



At this stage we will both need to begin gathering resources and assets for the project. These items will include assets such as: logo, copy, images, forms, graphics, etc. To do this efficiently, I will setup a shared cloud folder for use throughout the project.



I will prepare and submit rough concepts and/or wire framing of the project for you to review, approve and/or submit revisions.



I will submit a functional website prototype with all elements in place for final reviewing and editing.
For other projects you will receive final compositions in PDF form for review and final editing.



I will complete all final requests for changes and additions, tidy up and finalize all project elements. You will then receive one last preview for final approval.



Once the project has been successfully completed and approved by you, I will send you all of the project deliverables and/or launch your website. At this point we can celebrate a job well done!



A long lasting partnership is always my goal with all of my clients. I will always be there for all your design needs from here forward. Should any questions or issues arise from a past project or you’d like to begin a new project…just drop me a line and I’ll be there for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact me and schedule a 30 minute consultation and we can go over your project details.

It’s important that you are prepared to provide me with all the content for your website. For websites, I will need your logo, images & graphics and all your copy that is to be included on your site.

If you don’t have a logo, I will be happy to talk with you about designing a logo for you before we begin on your website. (Logo design will be a separate project from you website design.)

I will definitely need at least a few photos from you depending on your business. But I can supplement  whatever photos you do have with some stock photography or I may be able to take care of the photography myself. (Photography and stock photos would be be billed as a separately.)

Copywriting is generally a stumbling block for many of may clients, but I can help with that. I do prefer that all copy come from you but, I know that’s not always possible, so I do have partnerships with very talented copywriters what I can refer you too (Copywriting services will be billed separately from the website project.) 

I will also request that you send me a few websites that you really admire and why you like those sites. Additionally, if you have a particular color scheme or theme in mind, please convey that to me.

Yes. I do all of the work myself and will be your only point of contact during your project. If you need copywriting services or SEO services, I will refer you to one of my partners and you will deal directly with them during that phase of your project.

No, my primary focus is providing you with graphic & web design services as well as ongoing website management. Marketing, Blogging, Social Posts, Advertising, SEO, etc. are not services I provide. However, I do have partners that I can refer you to that can help you with your SEO and marketing needs.

Absolutely! I would be happy to work with whatever team you currently have in place.

Yes, all of my websites are built to perform well on all browsers, platforms and devices.

In short, it depends on the project. But in general most of my projects are billed by the project and I will provide you with a proposal that covers the entire scope of the project and cost involved. Any additional costs that my arise will be communicated to you.

Absolutely! I would love to design your logo or a complete branding package. It will be billed as a separate project and we will focus on your logo before anything else. Your logo and brand is what we will develop you website around.

Of course! If you are relatively tech savvy, I will be happy to show you how to do basic management on you site. In my experience most of my clients prefer that I take care of ongoing management due to lack of time and/or just would rather not be bothered with the task.

I do have a relationship with Adobe Stock and their vast photo, video and graphic library. However, I always suggest that you supply your own professional photos if at all possible. Doing so will really make you stand out from your competition and make your service or product unique. I may be able to help you with doing some of the photography for you. We will definitely discuss that during the initial consultation.

You will own the website when we are done provided all work has been paid for in full.

You will own your logo or other design element when we are done provided all work has been paid in full. As a courtesy and respect for me as your designer, I request that if there comes a time to update the logo or design that you come back to me to make alterations.

All master artwork will be retained by me for future alterations. Master files are available for a separate fee. The exception to that rule is your logo, you will receive all master files of your logo.

You will own the website when we are done provided all work has been paid for in full.

Yes! I work with 2 reputable printers and will provide you with a quote if you do not have your own printer.

Project time frames vary due to the size & complexity of each project and my current workload. Please contact me to get a better estimate of how long your project will take.

Sure! I’m happy to take on small projects.

I’m not a copywriter by trade but I am able to help edit any rough copy you have. I do have extremely talented partners that I can bring into the project if necessary. 

My websites include the Yoast SEO plugin with basic settings configured. For professional SEO I turn to a partner that is a master of SEO and will get your site the traffic you need. Please mention your need for SEO when you talk and I’ll be sure to get you connected with my SEO partner.

Yes, a responsive website is absolutely necessary today with all the different types of devices and screen sizes.

Copy is King! Always start with the copy and I will customize and build your site around your content.

I will guide you through the process of purchasing the correct website hosting package from Siteground as well as choosing and purchasing a domain name as needed.

If you do not have hosting and/or a domain name I highly recommend Siteground and am able to build your site on Siteground servers and then, once complete, pass the Siteground account, domain name and website over to you.

If you are not familiar with Siteground I can confidently say they are number 1 in website hosting and would trust no one else with my websites. I have tried multiple hosting services over the years and none have come close to the service offerings, state of the art technology, and customer service. 

I encourage you to visit them and do your own research. I believe you will undoubtably come to the same conclusion I have.


If you have worked with me before and have a moment, I would greatly appreciate a short review of your experience.