About Me

Hello! My name is Chad and I'm creative professional, specializing in website design, logo design, graphic design and photo retouching.

My career literally began the moment I could hold a pencil and camera.

Beginning at a young age I developed my skills as an artist, designer and photographer thanks to parents who supported me at every turn. I specialize in art & design in all forms and pride myself on being a skilled and quality focused craftsman.

In 1991 Event production became a large part of my career and continued my growth as a designer. Being involved in the creation and implementation of large scale productions opened up a whole new world to me by taking the artistry of lighting, audio, scenic & video design to a whole new level. Event Production allowed me to travel extensively throughout all the United States, Canada, Mexico and abroad including Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

With over 40 years of combined experience in Art, Design, Photography & Event Production in all forms; 30 years in business as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer/ Developer, Photographer, Digital Artist/Retoucher, and 14 years in Event Production I have evolved into an extremely well-rounded Designer and I strive to deliver only the very best to each of my clients.

Commercial art is where it all began…

My mother was a commercial arts teacher at our local community college in Colorado Springs, CO. I was 8 years old at the time and on occasion I would go with her to classes and would draw and color while I was there. Many times I would try to do some of the lessons my mother was teaching her students. Well…come to find out I was making the students jealous because I was drawing better than some of the students! I loved going with her and continued to do so off and on for many years…all the while continuing to hone my skills as a traditional artist.

My mother continued to help me develop my skills as an artist by supplying me with all the tools of the trade that commercial artists used back then. I loved it! I have continued on that path by obtaining my AA at Collins Design. I’ve continued to challenge myself and changing with the times, becoming a well rounded designer & artist.

Times changed, and so did I.

As the times changed, technology changed and my skills branched out into many other types of visual media that came onto the scene…I morphed into the Visual Communication Designer you see today and these skills are here to help you and your company excel by offering you a wide range of solutions to all your graphic design, photography and web design needs.

My Commitment to You

I will always be honest, fair, straight forward, efficient and reliable.
I will make every effort to make your experience working with me
as enjoyable and stress free as possible.


If you have worked with me before and have a moment, I would greatly appreciate a short review of your experience.

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